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China Operations
RSP opened it's own office in Shenzhen, China in 2005 to establish a local presence for quality control, ordering, and testing with partner facilities. Since that time, the office has grown to included additional personnel for engineering and logistics. RSP operates several partnerships and maintains long-term relationships with suppliers offshore. This allows tight controls over quality, improved lead times, and of course excellent pricing. RSP has worked with the same established partner in China to provide overlays and membrane switches for over 5 years. We have invested heavily in the equipment and training at this factory so that all product meets our high quality standards that we have established for the product we produce in the US. Much of the same equipment and material that we use in the US is used at the facility in China. All product produced in China is tested using a US made Mistral test station that is the same as we use in our US facility.

In 2010, RSP Rubber opened in Huizhou, China. RSP opened a dedicated rubber and assembly factory to service growing demand for custom molding and to gain complete quality control over some assemlby work being performed in the area. This 15,000 square foot facility is quickly filling up as we service customer accounts around the world. RSP is now better prepared to offer customers value added services......