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"We have worked with a company by the name of RSP, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI. They have just recently produced a membrane with a number of stickers for our new product. We have had difficulty in the past with some membrane companies. Issues we have had include very long lead times and inflexibility. As we know, working with vendors during product development can spell success or failure. RSP reacted extremely quickly and developed a membrane in about 2 weeks from scratch. We found an error in the first prototype batch which is not uncommon. What is uncommon is that within days, they responded and fixed the problem! We will always forward names of companies that have responded with urgency and helped make our company a success... Please consider RSP."
George Milkowski
Vice President
Alliance Technology, Saukville WI

"We have been splitting our contracts between RSP, Inc. and a larger supplier for years. Then, to save on costs we decided to go with just one supplier. We realized that in all these years RSP had never delivered a part late, had never delivered a part that was not of quality, and had always made us feel like we were their only customer. It was easy to decide which supplier to choose. Keep up the good work!"
John Milner
Control Shields, Lmtd.
Milwaukee, WI

"Two years ago we improved our product design but our market share was eroding. We had cut our costs but were still more expensive than our competitors. RSP helped us evaluate which parts we could have produced in China, what our savings would be, and also helped with some turn-key controller assemblies. Today, we are priced competitively and sales are increasing. We cut our product cost by over 25%!"
David Bauman
OEM Manufacturer
Waukeshsa, WI

Our company lucked into finding a good quality supplier, RSP, Inc, on the first try. RSP took my paper based (scanned) mechanical drawings, inputted them into their computer and created perfect samples the first time! The attached image shows the end result with the first prototype - no changes necessary. Also, they have been flexible and very easy to work with, with fast turn-around at reasonable prices. I couldn't be happier. This is the type of company I enjoy working with!
Maynard Knapp
CasaTunes (www.casatunes.com)
Fort Collins, CO

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